Root canal in Newtown

Root Canal in Newtown

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Root canal therapy in Newtown

Root canal in Newtown
Root canal in Newtown

Root canal therapy is a valuable treatment, because not only does it relieve the pain you’re in due to an infection inside your tooth, but it’s responsible for repairing the tooth, allowing it to remain strong and viable, without which you would lose your tooth and have to replace it. At the practice of Lane S. Sofman, DDS, it is our priority to examine, diagnose, and treat your tooth in a timely manner, using every available method to maintain your comfort and to effect a successful outcome.

All of your teeth are naturally equipped with protective layers, which is how the delicate pulp and nerve inside are kept safe from bacteria. A large cavity, loose or missing filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth exposes your tooth. The longer the exposure, the greater the risk, which will then lead to our root canal in Newtown. Symptoms that are typically indicative of an infection are a toothache, often severe, and with the pain being particularly noticeable when you chew or apply pressure to the tooth. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks is common, too. It’s possible that gum tenderness or tooth discoloration will also be present. Our root canal in Newtown is not the cause of additional pain. It is performed under sufficient local anesthesia to keep you numb. Advancements in techniques and equipment used during the procedure have made it so that most patients report very little to no discomfort at all. The injured pulp and nerve are removed, the canals cleaned and disinfected, and then the canals sealed. You will later be fitted with a permanent crown to restore the tooth to its normal size and full function.

To schedule our root canal in Newtown or simply an examination to see if you need one, contact our office right away. We will have you seen promptly.

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