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Teeth whitening in Needham Heights

There is nothing easier than being able to get the results you want in the comfort of your own home, and so it is with our teeth whitening procedure. At the dental practice of Lane S. Sofman, DDS, you can be assured of quick, effective, safe whitening.

For most people, the motivation to get treatment for tooth coloring finds its origins in looking in the mirror or in someone remarking, sometimes rudely, about how stained their teeth are. Whatever leads you to our Needham Heights dental office, what matters is that you are here. Over-the-counter options that you can find at your local drug store or supermarket may contain abrasive ingredients, which end up harming your precious tooth enamel. And even those that don’t tend to provide effects that are less than exciting. They may be barely noticeable. What you want is something obvious; effects you can see and that everyone else can see. Come to our Needham Heights dental office where our cosmetic dentist takes impressions of your teeth and sends those impressions to the dental lab. Custom-made trays are fashioned just for you. They will fit you comfortably and precisely. All you have to do is take them home and wear them as directed. Don’t worry. It’s easy and you’ll be given simple guidance on when and how long to have them in. The trays dispense powerful whitening solution that goes to work at stripping away the stains. Underneath is the real look of your teeth. You’ll end up with the more brilliant smile that you want and deserve, with the results lasting for anywhere from a year up to several.

Why should you settle for your smile the way it is now: stained, discolored, or dull? Contact our Needham Heights dental office to schedule a visit to us and get started with our teeth whitening treatment.

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